"Star Joya- Giving life to your ideas"

Star Joya is a luxurious Handmade Jewelry brand based in Jaipur, India founded by Supriya Jain, which specializes in Diamond Polki Jewelry. We believe in promoting the beauty of handcrafted jewelry and local craftsmanship. Jewelry is a way of expressing, which is why we focus on timeless jewelry pieces and have a wide range of designs suiting every occasion and emotion.
At Star Joya, we ensure that you get exclusive natural uncut diamond Polki as a part of your jewelry, something you will fall in love with. Every piece is designed in-house and is handcrafted with intricate detailing which is a result of excellent craftsmanship.


Our concept of customization starts with your thought. After discussion with the client about requirements, we try and develop a piece of art that ultimately fulfills the client's desire.


With are in-house designing and production, we aim to to bring unique and one of a kind experience for you. Our goal is to provide high end designer jewelry to our customers, with high quality standards without compromising on quality and ethics. All our products are manufactured in-house with 925 sterling silver, with 925 stamp on each piece of silver jewelry and 14K and 10K stamp on each gold jewelry. We undergo a 4 Step Quality Check procedure to maintain the quality of products that we promise to deliver.

Diamond Polki Jewelry

Polki diamonds are one of the oldest form of natural uncut slice diamonds, originating in India, that are naturally mined from Earth and are kept untreated, with no use of chemicals. This gives the stones a rustic look, but also keeps the shine and luster of the diamonds intact.

It is the purest form of diamond a woman can have.
Natural Polki Slice Diamonds are unique and may vary in shape, size and color. The products you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade.

We are continuously adding new products to our store. So keep coming back to see more great deals.